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AI powered security in healthcare – Nvidia edge AI platform

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Nvidia edge AI platform could secure robotic surgery, RPM devices from cyber threats

The news is that Nvidia launched a platform of instruments and sensors that can protect robotic-assisted surgery and remote patient monitoring devices from being hacked.

Hardware and software are combined to power medical devices.

Safety threats with medical devices could be detected before they happen with the help of IGX’s artificial intelligence sensors. The FDA reported a cybersecurity risk to the company.

It is based on the IGX Orin platform. Provisioning and management of edge medical devices are provided by it.

IGX supports a platform that allows health systems to use artificial intelligence in their operating rooms.

Safety features for industrial machines can be found on IGX.

Several platforms have adopted IGX, which is a digital surgery startup.

The Activ Surgical robotic system is used by surgeons to reduce surgery-related injuries. This is possible because of data-driven insights powered by artificial intelligence.

A telepresence platform is being built by a digital health startup.

Moon Surgical is working on a surgical robot system that uses artificial intelligence.

The use of medical devices at the edge, like at the patient’s bedside or in the operating room, brings access to data and analytics without latency.

The responsibility of keeping medical devices safe and secure has been added to by RPM. According to an Insider Intelligence forecast, adoption of RPM devices in the US is expected to increase to 70.6 million by the year 2025. There is a risk for cyberattacks that can cause harm to patients.

According to IBM Security, the cost of a healthcare data breach increased from $9.23 million in 2021 to $10.1 million in 2022, a 9.4% increase.

Keeping the devices safe and secure will be important as more patients use these devices.                            

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