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Android TV, Google TV moving to Android App Bundles this May 2023

Android and google TV moving to Android app bundles

There are over 10,000 apps on the TVOS. The software has grown. TV has limited capacity compared to phones.

Most phones will have a minimum storage size of 64 gigabytes. The average size of smart TVs is 8gigabyte.

The TV experience is hampered by less storage.

The Android App Bundles came about in Nov 2020.

AABs are the standard publishing format that has replaced APKs on Google Play.

App bundles are smaller, faster, and better than their predecessors.

There are key benefits.

  1. Smaller Download/Storage Size – App Bundles create an average of 20% total size savings compared to its equivalent APK counterpart by optimizing for each device.
  2. Less Likely to Uninstall – Since App Bundles enables users with the option to archive (which reclaims ~60% of app storage), users can keep these and more apps on their TV despite limited storage. A quick archive/unarchive user interface is built-in to the TV. Developers can also maintain state for a frictionless later return.
  3. Applicable to All Android Surfaces – App Bundles are helpful for all Android surfaces using the Google Play store including TV, phone, tablet, watch, auto, & more.
  4. Streamlined Delivery & Security – For easier delivery, a single artifact with all of your app’s code & resources allows Play store to dynamically serve an optimized app for each device configuration. For greater security, developers can also reset the upload key if it’s lost or compromised.

App Bundles will be required for a 6-month transition from May 23, 2023.

It will take a single engineer about 3 days to migrate an existing TV app from Apk to AAB.

There is a way for developers to set up archives for their mobile apps. TV apps need to be archivable so that they can benefit from storage-constrained TVs.

If TV apps fail to transition in time, they may be hidden. If you are working on a brand-new TV app, you should use a bundle from the beginning.

From here, developers can read about how to do it.

Automatic pairing of devices on a common wireless network has been added to the YouTube app forANDROID and GOOGLE TV. The feature that allows users to send videos from a mobile device to a TV with a single click is being worked on by the search giant.

It’s in “Android”

DISH Network customers will be able to watch live TV on supported devices, thanks to the extension of the free app Remote Access. DISH Network customers have broadband-enabled, Sling-enabled devices such as the Sling Adapter, a small place-shifting device that matches DISH Network’s viP…

In the internet search engine, “Google”.

The first appearance on the company’s website of the Shield Pro was in the last week of April. The console was $299 and had a toned down version.

It’s in “Android”

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