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Google lists apps with Spatial Audio support on Pixel Buds Pro

Google lists apps with Spatial Audio support on Pixel Buds Pro
Google lists apps with Spatial Audio support on Pixel Buds Pro

Some of the new features that will be arriving next year will be available immediately on your Pixel devices, as well as some that will be arriving later. One of the features that will be coming in January is Spatial Audio with head tracking, which was first teased at the Google I/O event earlier this year. There is very little information on which apps will take advantage of this technology. The help article was spotted by the folks over at 9to5Google.

Spatial Audio is a sound format that creates a surround effect through a pair of speakers, like headphones or tiny earbuds. It’s noticeable when watching movies that are intended to be experienced in a movie theatre, giving you that “immersive” feel without all the expensive hardware.

As a result of the December update that ended QPR1 and replaced the build with the public-facing version of Android, the toggle to enable Spatial Audio on the Pixel 7 series vanished. With the official launch of Spatial Audio coming next month, it would make sense that there will be an upcoming update that will restore this feature on the phones. The menu option looked similar back in the day.

pixel buds pro settings QPR1
pixel buds pro settings dec 2022

The help article that seems to have been recently pulled mentions a different way to enable spatial audio. The current build doesn’t have the option of Spatial Audio, which is what it directs users to go to. The below information was offered by Google.

You can use Spatial Audio on your Pixel phone with movies from Netflix, YouTube, Google TV, and HBOMax that have 5.1 or higher audio tracks. You must wear headphones or earbuds

When Spatial Audio goes live, you will be able to take advantage of the “head tracking” feature in your settings. I need January to get here as soon as possible.



Many of the new features that have arrived in the Chrome OS world with version 88 of the operating system are discussed this week on The Chrome Cast. There’s a lot to love about the new screen saver, WebAuthn, and updated screen capture tool.

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If you happen to be the proud owner of a Pixelbook or the Pixel Slate and have held off buying a companion stylus, this may be your best chance to score a discount. Some users may have been able to get their hands on the Pixel Slate…

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Beginning in August, you will be able to use a six-digit PIN to log in to your school account. During the company’s ‘The Anywhere School 2021,’ several updates were announced that will assist students, educators, and admins in improving their hybrid classrooms. It’s not necessary to remember or type in a…


If there is a King of the Ring for Chromebooks, the C302 would be a head-to-head competitor with the Plus. Each device has it’s own advantages. Personally, I like…


The Project Athena laptop is one of the new laptops to hit the shelves this week. After a number of “accidental” listings on Amazon, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 has officially arrived. This time, you can find the model at Amazon.

We’re more than a week away from the hardware event. If things go according to plan, we’re going to get a look at a new Chromebooks that could break the #Made byGoogle mold. There are still deals on the first (and possibly last) Chrome OS tablet.

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