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Google rolls out continuous scrolling for Search results on desktop in the United States

Google rolls out continuous scrolling for Search results on desktop in the United States
Google rolls out continuous scrolling for Search results on desktop in the United States

It’s dead. No, not the company, but the tradition of hyperlinking all of the O’s at the bottom of your search results. An update that eliminates the current numbered pagination system is now available on desktop computers in the United States.

This was already in place on the mobile web. This will be rolled out in English with more languages to come. You can simply keep scrolling, instead of having to click the next blue number to get to the bottom of your screen.

When you reach the end of the first page of results, the engine will automagically load another page of content for you. There are people in the comments who are opposed to a wall of links, but I really like this innovation and feel it is long-awaited.

One user points out that continuous scrolling prevents you from going back to the location where you clicked the link, causes the browser’s scroll bar to act unpredictably and more. The new Side Search feature is a way to combat some of these issues, but I do sympathize with those who prefer to keep things the way they were.

On that side of the fence, edgarr gives a pro tip. The footer has a button called “Disable infinite scrolling”, which you can click to stop scrolling. The only challenge will be to see the footer for long enough to click on the link before it disappears.

There are several people who have been complaining about this live experiment on the forum since July of this year. If you prefer pagination and manual labor of clicking the numbers at the bottom of the screen, please let me know in the comments.



Many of the new features that have arrived in the Chrome OS world with version 88 of the operating system have been dug into this week on The Chrome Cast. There’s a lot to like about the latest update, including the new screen saver, WebAuthn, and the updated screen capture tool.

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If you happen to be the proud owner of a Pixelbook or the Pixel Slate and have held off buying a companion stylus, this may be your best chance to score a discount. Some users may have been lucky enough to get the Pixel Slate.

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Beginning in August, you will be able to use a six-digit PIN to log in to your account. During the company’s ‘The Anywhere School 2021’, several updates were announced that will assist students, educators, and admins in improving their hybrid classrooms It’s not necessary to remember or type in a…


If there is a King of the Ring for Chromebooks, the C302 would be a head-to-head competitor with the Plus. Each device has it’s own advantages. Personally, as much as I enjoy…


The Project Athena laptop is one of the new laptops that will hit the shelves this week. After a number of “accidental” listings on Amazon, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 has arrived. You can find the Core i5 model at Amazon.

We’re more than a week out from the hardware event. We’re going to get a look at a new Chromebooks if things go as expected. Deals continue to pop up on the first (and possibly last) Chrome OS tablets.

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