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Google Voice is the first app to use Android 13’s new image picker

The new image picker that integrates both local and cloud-stored photos was one of the subtle changes introduced by the new version of the operating system. There is no need for the app to be given additional permission for media access.

One of the first apps to get this new image picker is Google Voice. The image picker was first announced in the first preview of the new operating system. It also supports older versions of the software, so it isn’t exclusive to the newer versions of the software. It requires the apps to be updated with the version that supports them.

The new image picker for Google Voice is arriving via a server-side update

With the new picker, users don’t need to give permission to view their media files, which will increase the privacy of users’ photos and videos. There is a new image picker in the only app with it at the moment, according to 9To5Google. The update with the new image picker is arriving via a server-side update.

When you hit the gallery icon in the Voice app, you can see the image picker.

The native camera app has a camera icon that can be used to take photos. There was a change in the version of the app on the phone, as well as on the app on the phone. Even on the latest version, the old image picker is still visible.

If this seems like a server-side update and you don’t see the new image picker, you can check out the Play Store and see if there is a new update for the Voice.

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