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How Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of education

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a booming technology that is a key engine of innovation and growth across all fields including education. The global AI in the education market is projected to reach $3.68 billion by 2023.

Education technology is the research and ethical practice of supporting learning and enhancing performance by inventing, employing and managing suitable technological processes and resources according to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Enhancing the learning experience of students is one of the benefits of using technology in the classroom. EdTech firms are entering the traditional classroom setup of students and addressing the demand for individualized learning solutions that adjust to each student’s learning needs and styles The students can learn at their own pace with these solutions.

Learning is based on chats.

Many schools are using artificial intelligence to help students learn and schedule. It helps in providing fun learning activities for students. The online education market in India is estimated to grow by more than $2 billion over the course of the next decade. Indian EdTech companies are now creating digital platforms with intelligent instruction design to deliver learning, testing, and tutoring to students in schools. The market share of artificial intelligence in education is expected to reach over twenty billion dollars in the next ten years.

An interactive learning experience.

By utilizing rich content, adaptive quizzes, live courses, and interactive gamified simulation training, AI-based learning platforms can provide tailored training for both teachers and students. These platforms offer a recommendation engine, analytical dashboard, and AI-powered adaptive practices. There is no denying the fact that the instructors’ role in educational institutions is irreplaceable, and AI can better equip them to handle it efficiently. It automates administrative chores which will help teachers make better use of their time. The AI-based platform provides a detailed analysis of the students’ performances and teachers can provide their wards with remedial learning that can instantly improve their performance. An AI-powered individualized improvement plan will be developed based on the student’s activities, strengths, and shortcomings throughout the learning process on the platform which will help close the gap between the student and the teacher.AI will help automate repetitive tasks like fee collection, preparation of timetables, admission, etc. making school management hassle-free and transparent. The study material approved by the teachers will allow students to learn anywhere, anytime.

prioritizing education.

AI also has the potential to make quality education accessible to all by enabling smart content to reach a large population thereby blurring the rural-urban divide. Integrating technology with education enables educators to foster collaborative learning and create a dynamic classroom experience, with EdTech solutions democratizing education and revolutionizing the entire learning landscape. Many B2B and B2C EdTech firms are curating and customizing the content based on the learning curve of each learner, by making use of personalized content and performance tracking on the portal. AI-powered assessments adapt to the learning needs of every student by automatically generating questions on topics that are either more difficult or easy, based on the student’s responses to previous questions. Predictive analytics is a feature that can list out the strengths and weaknesses of students in different subjects and teachers can use this to recommend corrective measures. AI-powered platforms can also provide single window access to the personal and academic profile of a student along with assessment reports, academic reports, transfer certificates, and mark sheets.

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