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How to Lock Apps on Your iPhone With a Password, Face ID, and More

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How to Lock Apps on Your iPhone With a Password, Face ID, and More

You probably already have a password for your phone. There is more than one layer of protection. Almost all of the apps and content on your phone can be accessed once it’s bypassed.

You can look into app lock options for the iPhone. We’ll look at all the different ways you can lock apps on your phone.

How to Lock Apps on Your iPhone With a Password

There isn’t a built-in security feature that lets you set an app lock password. There is a way to do it. Screen Time can be used to lock apps on your phone with a password, so let’s go through the steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn On Screen Time. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable Screen Time.
  2. Tap Use Screen Time Passcode. Key in your preferred four-digit password. This password is separate from the one you use to unlock your iPhone.
  3. Go to App Limits > Add Limit. Enter your Screen Time passcode to access the page.
  4. To lock all apps on your iPhone with the Screen Time password, select All Apps & Categories. To lock specific apps, you can swipe down on your screen to reveal thesearch bar and look up apps from there. You can also tap the dropdown arrow in each category to select individual apps.
  5. After choosing the apps, tap Next.
  6. Set 1 min for the app limit. Ensure that Block at End of Limit is enabled.
  7. Tap Add to save your settings.

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lock all iphone apps using screen time
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All your apps will be locked with a password after one minute of use. The locked app will display a Time Limit message. The Ask For More Time option can only be bypassed by entering a password.

There are some limitations to the Screen Time workaround. The All Apps & Categories selection excludes system apps. You have to use the search bar to find the app. Screen Time doesn’t allow you to lock a few apps, such as settings and phone.

Unlocking iPhone with Face ID

You can use Face ID or Touch ID to lock apps on your phone. If you are looking for a method to lock apps without using Screen Time, this is a good alternative.

You need to set up Face ID for your phone. The setup procedure for an Apple device with Touch ID is the same as it is for any other device. If you enable it, you can use Face ID or Touch ID to lock apps on your phone.

Not all apps can be locked with Face ID and Touch ID. There are many popular ones that let you do it.

The way Guided Access works makes it a slightly different app lock for your phone. When Guided Access is enabled, you can’t open any apps on your phone except for one currently open.

When someone requests to borrow your phone to use a particular app, you can use the app lock method. All other apps are safe and accessible behind a password, Face ID, or Touch ID if you launch said app.

Guided Access can help you lock apps on your phone.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access. Toggle on Guided Access.
  2. Tap Passcode Settings > Set Guided Access Passcode. Enter a six-digit password. This password is different from the password used to lock your iPhone. It is also a separate one from Screen Time.
  3. Alternatively, you can toggle on Face ID or Touch ID to use a biometric password.

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guided access in iphone accessibility settings
guided access settings on iphone
set a password for iphone guided access

If you’re using an older model of the phone, triple-click the Side button to lock it. Click on the Home button for an older model of the phone.

When you see a Guided Access Started pop-up, you will know the app lock is successful. To exit Guided Access, you have to triple-click the Side or Home button. You can exit by double-clicking the same button and then using Face ID or Touch ID.

You may know about app lock apps. Is there an app lock for the iPhone? Yes, such third-party apps exist. They only work with jailbroken devices.

It’s tempting to get new customization possibilities and access new apps on your phone, but it’s important to keep in mind the risks, such as exposing your device to security vulnerabilities.

hand holding iphone showing home screen

There are other ways to keep the content of your apps from being seen by the public.

There are built-in options in Apple apps. You can use a password to lock specific notes on your phone. Many tips and tricks are available to hide personal content on your phone.

If you have a password-protected account, log out of social media and digital wallet apps. You don’t need to do anything other than scroll down a list of settings for a Log Out or Sign Out button if you head to your profile.

Guided Access, Face ID or Touch ID, and a password are some of the things you can use to lock your app on your phone. They’re not perfect as each method has limitations.

You can still rely on them to lock the apps on your phone. No one will be able to access your locked apps if they don’t have a password.

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