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Millions of Android users warned by Google over hack that lets strangers see everything on your phone

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In the summer, an important update was made available, but it hasn’t been rolled out.

Experts at the firm pointed the finger at one of the manufacturers who had been too slow to sort it out, and that was Google.

The devices that are affected are the Pixel 7.

Project Zero, the company’s team that hunts down bugs, called out the companies.

There are a number of problems in a piece of tech in some phones.

The issue was fixed by Arm way back in the summer.

It’s up to the device brands to implement the repair in the software.

Even though there are patches for the phones, they’re still vulnerable to hackers.

“Just as users are recommended to patch as quickly as they can once a release containing security updates is available, so the same applies to vendors and companies,” Project Zero stated.

Companies need to remain vigilant, follow upstream sources closely and do their best to provide complete patches to users as soon as possible.

The five vulnerabilities are rated medium severity, but could still be used by a hacker to gain full access to the system and allow access to user data.

Devices with a version of the chip are not affected.

According to, there are a number of products that are using a graphics card with the name of the card.

Hopefully the warning will cause manufacturers to update the problem.

Automatic updates will be sent to you when the fix is available, so keep an eye out for patches.

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