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Nothing Phone: First Non-pixel With Google Personal Safety App and No Accident Detection

Nothing Phone: First Non-pixel With Google Personal Safety App and No Accident Detection
Nothing Phone: First Non-pixel With Google Personal Safety App and No Accident DetectionThe Nothing Phone is the first non-Pixel phone to receive a suite of Personal Safety capabilities as part of the update to the operating system. Carl Pei has released the first public version of the phone OS.

The team is trying to highlight the company’s extensive patch notes and some unlisted changes in the Nothing OS 1.5 beta. You should look for that in the next few days. There is an update in Nothing OS 1.5 for the Phone that gives access to the Personal Safety app via the Settings app.

The Personal Safety app was introduced with the release of the Pixel. The ability to detect automobile crashes is one of the Personal Safety features of thePixel series.

No phone at all.

We broke the news earlier this year that Personal Safety was going to be included in more phones. After nearly six months of waiting, the Nothing Phone is finally getting a safety app.

The basic Personal Safety experience can now be accessed by customers of Nothing. Resources like medical records and group chats can be used to prepare for the worst if there is a local emergency.

What is the real 5G speeds that you are getting, I had put my sim in nothing phone 1 yesterday as many of you said it has improved a lot now after all the updates, I was wondering.
That’s something.
I got a 5G signal on that and I did a speed test in my car with my sim.
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December 14, 2020

The ability to detect an automobile crash is a key area of personal safety. It is not clear if things will improve before Nothing OS 1.5 on the Phone is fully released.

According to our research, phone makers will decide if their product is compatible with the Personal Safety app. If you install the app on an incompatible device, you will not get a functional app.

Nothing OS 1.5 is the phone’s OS.
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TechDroider wrote about December 15, 2022.

My colleague, Damien Wilde, has pointed out that the Nothing Phone’s latest update only supports features that were previously available on the Pixel.

You can now use the game dashboard on the phone, which includes a frame-per-second counter, a Do Not Disturb switch, screen recording capabilities, and the ability to stream your game live on the internet.

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