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One UI 5.0 update has landed on the Galaxy Tab Active 3 in Europe

One UI 5.0 update has landed on the Galaxy Tab Active 3 in Europe
The last update was on December 8th, 2022.

Considering the large number of devices that have received Android 13 over the past few weeks, it’s quite a feat that the OneUI 5.0 update was released earlier than originally planned. It is time for the Tab Active 3 to join the OneUI party.

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According to the tentative OneUI 5.0 release roadmap for Germany, the GALAXY Tab Active 3 will get OneUI 5.0 in January of 2023. When we can expect the update to roll out across Europe was given by the roadmap. If you live in Germany, the Galaxy Tab Active 3 hasn’t received the latest version of the OS just yet.

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More countries across Europe should get the same treatment as soon as possible, since the OneUI 5.0 update for the Tab Active 3 has started seeding in Switzerland.

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After receiving the notification, users in Switzerland should be able to download and install the software on their device. They can get the official files from the website.

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The November 2022 security patch is included in the update. New gestures for multi-window and a new taskbar should be available to users of the new OneUI 5.0. The performance should be snappier and the settings menu should be easier to navigate. New lock screen customization options, an easier way of monitoring background apps, and more are introduced in the update.

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The 2020 model of the Tab Active 3 won’t be easy to find if you’re looking for a rugged model. The Tab Active 4 Pro was released only a few months ago, but you may have more luck with it. The latest model does not yet have OneUI 5.0.

Image of Galaxy Tab Active 3 LTE

The Tab Active 3 is a 3G device.


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