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Rep your World Cup team with this Galaxy Watch 5 watch face

Rep your World Cup team with this
The latest software update just pushed out to the device makes it possible for owners of the watch to support their favorite team in the World Cup. This week, the latest software update was sent to the watches. The Ball watch face is an option to theme in the update.

Adding a flag to the Ball watch face can change its look. The Ball watch face isn’t a “newly added” item according to the update. Since launch, the Ball watch face has been available. The ability to add the flag of different World Cup teams has been added to the watch.

The only new functional thing in the update is the watch face theme options. Users are able to change things. The update includes stability and reliability fixes. Changes to notifications and device behavior.

Add some World Cup flair to your Galaxy Watch 5

SamMobile states that the update was initially sent to users in South Korea. As of this morning, we had the update for our own watch as well. Users in the US should be seeing this today. They would have received it before today.

It will take a little while to download and install the update which is about 500MB. You may need to check to see if the update is available. Once the download is done, let the app copy the update to your watch. This has been taking a bit of time. Not to worry if it isn’t finishing right away.

Galaxy Watch 5 World Cup Ball Watch Face

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