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Samsung is finally adding Back Tap gestures to your Galaxy phone

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Samsung has been putting in the work when it comes to software updates lately. The Android 13 update was recently rolled out to unlocked Galaxy S22 series owners in the US (with carrier units receiving it soon after), and just a week after, the Galaxy S21 series got the stable Android 13 update as well. The latest development in Samsung software updates, however, has to do with something that is much more specific. The Back Tap gesture feature is finally coming to Galaxy phones thanks to a newly added Good Lock module. But what is this Good Lock module, you might ask. Samsung Good Lock is, simply put, a way for users, who feel particularly adventurous and experimental with their Samsung phones, to customize their device so that the result feels native and fits the rest of the UI. But let’s digress — The good Lock module gives users the option to turn on a Back Tap feature. Now, this feature can be customized in a myriad of ways. You can set it up to take a screenshot, launch a particular app, turn on/off a setting, wake up the Google Assistant, etc.

The module allows you to change the order of the settings menu and make the power button longer-pressing. The ability to firmly press on the screen to invoke a gesture shortcut is a new perk for the Z Fold 4.

It is worth noting that this new Back Tap feature will not work in case the phone is in sleep mode, the screen is locked, or when the battery is at 15% or less.

Only one of the big three phones was lagging behind, and that was the one from Apple and Google. Despite being late to the game, Sammy has once again expanded the possibilities of its phone’s software.

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