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The Android Auto Update Nightmare And the Fix That Fixes Nothing

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There is always something that needs to be investigated and reported to the internet giant, as users of the mobile operating system can’t get bored.

This is because the updates that the parent company ships to devices out there sometimes produce more harm than good, with features that worked just fine before the installation ended up completely broken a few seconds later. And a widespread error that showed up in mid-August is living proof on this front.

Back then, after installing an Android Auto update, some users ended up unable to run the app. You need to update the app, a message that showed up on their screens read, but when tapping the update button, nothing happened. In some cases, the head unit indicated Android Auto needed to reconnect, eventually pushing the whole thing into an infinite loop.

The glitch was rapidly confirmed by many other users, and since then, the thread posted on Google’s forum gained no less than 600 upvotes, obviously as the problem wasn’t encountered on just a small number of devices.

Google, however, moved pretty fast this time, so in late August, the company came up with a fix. “It may take a few days for the fix to reach everyone,” a Community Specialist said on August 26, explaining that everything should be back to normal for all users in approximately one week. It’s November, and here we are with lots of users still unable to run Android Auto because of the very same problem caused by an app update shipped in the summer. The fix released by Google fixed, well, nothing, as users explain on the forums that they’re hitting pretty much the same glitch as they did a couple of months ago. This happens on up-to-date devices where the latest versions of all apps are installed. At this point, however, there’s absolutely no word on a new potential fix, and Google’s Community Specialists have so far remained tight-lipped on the status of the investigation.

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