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The Full List of Smartphones That Support Android 13

android 13

The material you support for third-party app icons, the ability to disable app notifications right away, and scheduling dark mode are just a few of the new features you will discover when you update your phone to the latest version of the operating system. You need to install the update in order to try out some of the new features, but not all of the phones on the market can handle it.

Why does it take so long for some phones to get Android 13?

It’s a unique OS, that’s why it’s called Android. It isn’t the one that pops up on most phones because it is developed by Google. After a new version of Android is created, manufacturers create their own version of the update, called a skin. To highlight a few, some companies make “OneUI”, “OxygenOS”, and “ZenUI” just for that.

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All of the skins are based on the same underlying version of the software. OneUI 5.0 and OxygenOS 13 are both variations of the same operating system.

It is still painfully slow for the many smartphone manufacturers to adopt the Android platform. The only way to get the latest version of the operating system is to buy a phone from the company.

Google Pixel phones that support Android 13

The list of supported devices is not shabby, but some phones are not supported. The company no longer supports the devices, which means they won’t see the newest version of the operating system. Those of us with a newer device are still in the game.

  • The 4th film in the film series, Pixel 4.
  • There is a device called the Pixel 4 XL.
  • It’s called the Pixel 4a.
  • The phone is called the Pixel 4a 5G
  • It’s called Pixel 5
  • 5G.
  • It was called Pixel 6.
  • The Pixel 6 pro.
  • It’s called Pixel 6a.

Samsung Galaxy devices that support Android 13 (OneUI 5.0)

The adoption of the operating system is close to that of Google. There is a waiting period when compared to the pixels, but the company rolls out new versions of android with relative speed. The newer phones of the company are prioritized for the latest updates, though earlier generations may be compatible with the update in the future.

OneUI 5.0 was rolled out this month for many of the company’s recent devices.

  • The S22 is a device.
  • The GALAXY S22+.
  • The S22 Ultra is a phone.
  • The S21 is a model of car.
  • The S21+ is a phone.
  • The S21 is Ultra.
  • Note 20 is a new one.
  • The Note 20 Ultra.
  • The S20 is the galaxy.
  • The S20+ is a new model.
  • The S20 Ultra is a new model.

There are many devices that will receive OneUI 5.0. The update for the most recent devices in the Z series should be this month, while the update for the A and M series should be in December and April.

Vivo iQOO (Origin OS Ocean)

Although it does not sell its iQOO line in the US, it does have two devices that are running the OS Ocean.

  • IqOO 11
  • IQOO Neo7 is a movie.

That’s it (for now)

The complete list of supported phones as it stands. The list is small but growing because of the slow adoption of new updates by phones. OnePlus is currently testing OxygenOS 13 for its suite of phones, while Samsung only began updating its phones this month.

Other Android manufacturers are working on bringing Android 13 to their devices this year. Some of the phones on the list include HMD, Moto, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, and vivo.

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