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This clever Amazon buy you’ve probably never heard of might just be the solution to patchy holiday WiFi

<div>This clever Amazon buy you've probably never heard of might just be the solution to patchy holiday WiFi</div>
<div>This clever Amazon buy you've probably never heard of might just be the solution to patchy holiday WiFi</div>

If you’ve got a lot of people coming to your home for the Christmas period, it’s not only space that’s under strain, it’s also the internet. Maybe you’re hosting some last-minute remote workers, the kids are wanting to stream films and TV all day, or you have a scheduled video call with overseas relatives before Christmas.

It’s only going to make this worse if your internet is prone to disruptions anyway. An automatic rebooter is a clever bit of tech that promises to make the internet more reliable.

What is the best thing about it? If you’re prone to getting calls from Mom or Dad asking for advice, this is the perfect buy to keep them connected.

What is a wifi rebooter?

It’s pretty obvious that an automatic rebooter is what it is. It’s a piece of tech that plugs in between the sockets in your home’s home networking device, and will automatically shut off and connect your home’s internet connection if there’s an issue with it.


Michael Miller, CEO of cyber security firm, vouches for their effectiveness, even though it might feel like just another piece of tech to deal with in adding a rebooter to your home’s internet set-up. Michaels explains that there are two types of monitors, one that monitors a certain set of conditions and the other that monitors how long it has been since the routers was last rebooted. It will force a restart if it’s been more than 24 hours.

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The image is of Connect Sense.

There are a number of benefits to having an automatic WiFi rebooter. It can help to reduce the slow buffering wheel on your computer, jumpy films and video calls randomly cutting out due to poor wireless signal strength, where a reset would remedy the issue.

Your other home devices, which are controlled by the internet, won’t be affected as often when your other home devices are rebooting. If you have wireless security cameras, door cams or alarm systems, they are less likely to be compromised if you have a stable internet connection. An automatic rebooter helps make sure this connection isn’t lost.

It is important to consider performance and price when buying an automatic rebooter. You should compare the costs and make a decision based on your internet needs and the quality of the product, to ensure maximum value and enjoyment.

Won’t automatically rebooting disrupt my wifi? 

You don’t need to worry about automatic reboots at other times disrupting your work because they come into their own when something is wrong with your internet. Andy Kalmon, CEO of Benny, says that he always schedules his automatic restart to occur in the middle of the night when he knows he won’t need to use the internet.

The option of pre-scheduling reboots for convenient times in your day will help you have a productive and efficient workday.

The automated reboot feature may be configured to kick in after a certain number of days have passed. This helps ensure a secure connection.

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Is a wifi rebooter worth it?

If you’re looking for a product that will improve your internet connection, or if you want to get set up for going back to work in 2023, an automatic WiFi rebooter is ideal.

This product will ensure stable and reliable connection throughout your home, and prevent any further issues from occurring, taking only a few minutes to set it up. They cost $50, which is not insignificant.

A rebooter is worth a try if you are having trouble with the internet. It’s probably best to leave your set up as is if you don’t.

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