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VMware unveils its updated anywhere workspace capabilities to lower IT burden

work from anywhere

New capabilities will be announced by the company to help IT teams improve their productivity and ease the management burden. 

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), VDI and DaaS, Digital Employee Experience (DEX), and Workspace Security are some of the technologies that can be utilized in hybrid work. IT teams are dealing with new challenges in a hybrid work environment. Employees use more devices, access more applications across more clouds, and work from more locations than ever It is today.

The next evolution of managing digital workspace, one that injects data science and automation across endpoint management, security, and end-user experiences, was outlined by VMware at its Explore 2022US event. The capabilities needed to deliver on that vision are advanced by today’s updates to the VMware Anywhere workspace. Intelligence and automation are incorporated into every step of the process to simplify IT operations and enable a more secure and flexible digital employee experience.

“Organizations are looking for a balance in the hybrid work model that enables successful remote work while preserving a creative culture that fosters innovation,” said Shankar Iyer, senior vice president, and general manager. To build a successful hybrid working model, organizations need to automate how they deliver, manage, and better secure hybrid workstyles. The enhancements we are announcing today will bring us one step closer to the vision of delivering an autonomous workspace.

3rd Party Managed Windows Devices are supported by the DEX solution.

Digital Employee Experience capabilities have become a priority for organizations as they look to maintain employee engagement in a hybrid work environment According to a recently commissioned Forrester Consulting study, a superior employee experience requires four key components.

Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) for third-party managed Windows devices will now be supported by the DEX solution. With this update, VMware will offer the industry’s most holistic DEX solution that spans delivery, measurement, analysis, and remediation, by now supporting multiple endpoint use cases and operating systems. With the DEX solution in place, organizations can easily manage the digital workspace experience for multiple endpoints, communicate with all employees, and save IT time and money.

Businesses must adapt to next-generation hybrid working environments and we have seen a great deal of innovation sparked by this pivot. Bob Smart, the senior solutions expert, said that they value VMware as an innovation partner to help build and define the Orange Workplace Together offers. Our managed service allows a natural language, a voice-based interface that integrates with the intelligent hub. It is a great example of how we can use artificial intelligence to support hybrid work requirements by working with the teams from VMware.


The Workspace ONE Orchestrator can be used to extend IT Systems.

The framework is designed to help IT teams automate configuration tasks. New updates to the Workspace ONE Freestyle Orchestrator will allow automation beyond device-based task-specific workflows. IT can benefit from intelligent, proactive ticketing thanks to the expanded integration into 3rd party ticketing tools. Beyond endpoint management, Freestyle Orchestrator drives proactive ticketing for IT and tackles various complex business processes that enable further efficiency and agility for IT.

The Fed RAMP Authorization has been received for the next-gen of the VMware cloud.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions are essential assets in the rise of remote and hybrid work. IT admins can deploy and provision virtual desktops quickly and easily, saving time and enabling productivity. A hybrid cloud experience will be enabled by today’s announcement by VMware, which will let customers use their on-premises and cloud deployment to connect to the next-gen hybrid cloud. Customers will have the ability to deploy virtual desktops and apps in Microsoft Azure with an option to also run Horizon 8 on-premises or in the cloud while taking advantage of the lower costs and scale benefits of the next-gen platform. With a hybrid-cloud approach, IT can further broaden the scope of use cases their VDI and DaaS environments can cover.

The next-gen of Horizon Cloud was released at the Explore US event. The next-gen platform uses a thin-edge architecture that helps reduce infrastructure costs by 70% while increasing scalability.

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) High Authorization through the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) and receiving its Authority to Operate (ATO) in Civilian agencies are just a few of the accomplishments achieved byHorizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. The P-ATO for the U.S. Department of Defense is expected by the end of the year.

Phishing and Content Protection are supported by the mobile threat defense of Workspace ONE.

In the past year, threats to mobile devices have doubled, and are even more critical in today’s work environment. It is possible to protect users no matter where and how they work with the built-in Mobile Threat Defense. Soon, customers will also be able to enable Phishing and Content Protection. Phishing is the number one threat on mobile devices according to the report, and Phishing and Content Protection help protect users while still giving the best experience for employees.

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